Monster Pulls Is Always Looking To Buy Cards

We love the hobby and we love the community. We will always do our best to give the best price possible out there to help and support the community that supports us. To sell us your singles, collection or even sealed products, just sell send us an email to 

I have some stuff to sell, what is Monster Pulls looking for?

  • Mid to High End Cards (unless sold in bulk)
  • Cards in good condition
  • High res photos via email would expedite the process

But why should you sell to Monster Pulls?

  1. We'll offer close to eBay prices.
  2. We don't cherry pick. If you show us a collection, we'll take everything off your hands.
  3. You get paid on the spot either in Cash, PayPal or Monster Mojo Points.
  4. We will get value for your cards, as we have a brand to maintain.
  5. No selling fees or dealing with individual buyers.
  6. We can work with bulk rates or individual card prices.

    I want to sell in bulk, what's the next step?

    We are always looking to buy in bulk, as we want to be able the most variety and options to all of our customeres. To sell your bulk to us, please ensure your cards are sorted by type and are clean from any damages, marks, bends etc. 

    Basketball Bulk
    Jersey / Memorabilia: ₱20
    Autograph: ₱40